• LED Flashing Armband: Increasing visibility and safety during early morning night sports and outdoor activities. You can be seen in the dark when running, cycling, walking dog, camping etc.
  • Total Length: 34cm. Fits size from 24 to 34cm, suitable for men, women and children, by simply wrap it to wrist, ankle, arm and leg, or tied on bike, helmet, schoolbag, backpack, anywhere you prefer.
  • Replaceable Batteries: Each armband comes with 1 battery, can work about 40-60 hours. When battery runs out , you can simply replace it with new CR2032 batteries.
  • 4 Models: Fast flashing, slow flashing, continuous bright and off.
  • Package Included: 2 *RYACO Armbands with LED Flashing Light (equipped with batteries)

RYACO LED Armband, 2-Pack Glow Bracelet Safety Light-Up Sports Wristband