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  • PROFESSIONAL POSTURE CORRECTOR: By ergonomically wearing our back stretcher for extended periods of time, it creates muscle memory, so you can stay straight even without posture correction.
  • COMFORTABLE & ADJUSTABLE:With 2 removable underarm pads that can be worn all day long. Available in 2 sizes, size M fits chest between 28-42 inches and L fits between 37-48 inches. With fully adjustable straps with Velcro fastener, you can adjust your fit and level of support.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY & INVISIBLE UNDERWEAR With strong but lightweight, breathable materials and good weaving technique, it is in high quality and you can stay cool while wearing it. You can even wear it under clothes without being seen.
  • Easy to put on and take off: just like a backpack, just loosen the straps and put it on like a backpack. Put on the Velcro straps until the shoulders are pulled back, but not so strong that it becomes uncomfortable.
  • Increase Flexibility After your posture has improved and strengthened your back muscles, you have one step ahead. Use RYACO Back Posture Corrector to restore mobility and complete your healing process.

RYACO Posture Corrector for Men and Women,2 Sizes Available

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