• GET A GREAT NIGHT OF SLEEP ANYWHERE: Built-in pillow, U-shape ergonomic design relieve neck stress ensure your comfort. No more costs for camping pillow and no worry about pillow easily slip away. Weight only 18 oz, 1/3 of foam sleeping pad weight, SMALLER than your water bottle, even kids can carry it easily. R-value 1.3. Good for temperature down to 40F.
  • LARGE & WATERPROOF: 74 x 23 inch large size ensure your comfort no matter you are back, stomach or side sleeper. Made of 40D nylon with TPU coating KO polyester and performance better in waterproof, air tightness, abrasion-resistant and tear-resistant, with no problem to use on grassland / desert / seaside / snow land and won't leak easily. Waterproof material, keep out moisture and keep you warm all night.
  • INNOVATION BUCKLE DESIGN(each side five buckles): It allow you to connect two Ryaco sleeping pads for larger space or two people use. Connect three or more inflatable sleeping pads for family / friends use. Individual (but interconnected) air cells that can adjust to your body shape to provide optimal comfort and support.

Ryaco Ultralight Sleeping Mat