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【3-in-1 Fan】This fan combines a clip fan, camping fan and table fan. It features a strong clip on the bottom, a non-slip base and a foldable hook. You can use this upgraded new fan widely in offices, bedrooms, bedside tables, tents, travel, gym, etc.
【Magnetic Remote Control】This fan is equipped with a remote control that can be controlled over a long distance, about 20 meters, and the remote control has a magnetic design that allows the remote control to be quickly stored.
【12000 mAh and Power Bank】The 12,000 mAh large capacity battery provides long standby and battery life after fully charged. The Type-C charging port is compatible with a variety of devices including laptops, mobile phone adapters, power banks and USB chargers. It can be used as a temporary power bank when your device runs out of power.
【3-level timing function and 3-level lighting】The portable charging fan is equipped with 3-level timing function, 1H/2H/3H, so you can turn it off regularly before sleeping at night. The fan is equipped with LED light with 3 levels of brightness. It has a wide range of uses. The bottom light can be used as a night light for sleeping. The stronger light can illuminate the tent, so you can better concentrate on work and daily activities in the dark. It is ideal for night camping and hiking.
【360° adjustment and 5 wind speeds】The cordless fan has a flexible head that can rotate 360 ​​degrees vertically and horizontally, and has 5 wind speeds that can be adjusted to ensure that the fan can blow in the direction you want with your ideal wind speed.
NOTE: When you receive the fan, there is still some residual power in the battery. This current is not the actual current. If you want the battery to reach the standard duration, please use up the residual current in the battery and then recharge it. Then the battery can reach your ideal usage time.

ELZO 12000mAh Camping Ventilator,

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