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  • Enjoy the vibrant world! The video recording card allows you to stream or record high-resolution images from game consoles, meetings or other videos/audios to your computer via third-party recording software. High-intensity playback of delicate video colours, vivid image.
  • Plug and play: no driver or external power supply. The game capture card is suitable for low latency games and can meet the requirements of the meeting. The small capture card leads directly to the USB cable to avoid unnecessary connections.
  • High quality: this game capture card supports maximum input resolution of 4K @ 60Hz, captures high-definition video up to 1080P 60FPS.
  • Wide compatibility: no driver needs to be installed on this capture card. You can use the built-in features of the current software to achieve a seamless experience. As the device is compatible with most third-party software programs, it can be plug and play for Windows, Ma OS X and Android. Supports most acquisition software such as VLC, OBS, Amcap etc.
  • Ideal choice: This HDMI video recording takes over USB 2.0 channel recording from high-speed full HD screens, video recordings, meeting recordings, live streaming game recordings and others on the computer.

ELZO HDMI Video Capture Card USB 2.0 1080P Recorder USB

SKU: 51HVC-2K60A-5BE
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