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  • Durable and tear-resistant material - The ergonomic stress relief ball made from a tear-resistant gel core and a smooth non-stick fabric. By using unique production methods, we have created a dimensionally stable and grippy stress ball that provides maximum grip and comfort.
  • PERFECT SHAPE AND SIZE: Round shaped for a comfortable fit in your hands. Each ball diameter is 2.3 inches / 5.8 cm. The size is suitable for both adults and children and easy to carry, you can train your fingers anywhere.
  • Soft & Medium & Hard Balls: Set contains 1 x Softball, 1 x Medium Ball and 1 x Grey Hardball. Ideal for improving grip strength, hand endurance, dexterity, muscle tone and fine and gross motor skills.
  • RELIEVE YOUR STRESS AND ANXIARY - Great for reducing physical discomfort and relieving mental tension in your body. Each pressure improves concentration, relieves anxiety and calms the mind. A good choice to avoid tension and pressure reduction.
  • STRENGTHEN GRIP, JOINTS AND MUSCLE - Every time you press the balls, the blood circulation of your hands, relieves joint pain and strengthens your grip strength. Ideal for rehabilitation exercises, hand strengthening.

[Set of 3]Ryaco Anti-Stress BallsHand Exerciser Kneading Ball

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